Friday Favorites

What a week! Happily, my issue with Evrysdi, the SMA medication I take, got resolved on Monday evening. I’m very happy to have it all straightened out, but feel like I’ve spent the week emotionally recovering from it. It’s been so humid this week that I haven’t even wanted to work outside that much, but it’s cooled down a bit so I’m sitting on my new patio (!!) writing this right now.

Now, on to the week’s favorites!

A laptop, Starbucks cup, and AirPods case are sitting on a table outside on Heather's patio, with the grassy yard in the backyard.
Refinery29 Voices of Disability

I am so excited that this exists!! Refinery29 compiled a whole Voices of Disability collection – articles about disability, by some of the disability activists I most look up to! Highly recommend checking it out.

Gossip Girl Beauty Looks

Obviously I’m watching the new Gossip Girl, as much for the beauty and style as for the plotline! Everyone looks so chic and put together, so I love that they broke down these makeup looks. I’m not really confident that I can recreate them, but it’s something to aspire to!

Floppy Straw Hat

Now that I have one sun hat, I want more! I love how big and floppy this one is – it makes me think that I’ll look so sophisticated. And it’s an Amazon steal – so affordable!

Making Broadway More Accessible

I’m obviously a huge theater fan, but it’s absolutely true that Broadway has a lot of work to do to become more accessible. I’m sad that it took a lawsuit, and settlement, to make change happen, but I’m excited to see that accessibility improvements are coming.

InStyle’s Badass 50

I obviously love a list of 50 amazing, powerful women! I love the diversity of this list, and loved reading about the absolutely incredible things that all of these women are doing. Pennsylvania’s Second Lady, Gisele Fetterman, even made the list!

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